On the days you feel like you’re ‘not enough’

I had everything going on today and I MEAN EV-ER-Y-TH-ING.

There was business stuff that needed only my attention, the kids were imploding in the way only kids can when they sense mama is under the pump, I had a to do list the length of my arm (right AND left) and that’s the beginning, oh and Dave my IT guy was here to extend our internet coverage – 🙌🏻 we love Dave!

To say it was a juggle would be an understatement. An understatement you probably know about, am I right?

We all have days where we are riding high, grateful for everything we are surrounded by and fully living in the very best version of ourselves and life.

On the other hand we can also have days of the opposite kind.

In this case, I was the latter.

I literally dragged my butt to the end of the day and put my babies to bed feeling like a) I didn’t achieve much of anything and b) I was a shitty mama, failing hard (even though a) I didn’t achieve anything) and c) I felt depleted like I had run a marathon and then some.

Ever been in that space?
Yep don’t we all know it. Can be in biz life, mum life, career, relationships – doesn’t matter.

The thing is, when we have a low vibe energy we are so susceptible to negative thoughts snowballing.

And that’s when she came to visit. 

By “she” I mean my inner mean girl (hey negative thoughts 👋) and by “visit” I mean scream insults at me like nobody’s business.

💁🏻‍♀️What did you even get done today?
👶The kids are imploding because you couldn’t give them ‘fun’ quality playtime! (Daddy’s the fun parent)
🤔What must Dave be thinking?
🏠What’s with the state of the house?
🏃‍♀️You took an hour to exercise? #selfish
🥱Oh you’re tired? boo hoo!

You get the idea of where my mind was headed.

Overwhelm, insecurity, depleted energy, procrastination it all results in…

You’re not enough.

So at this point I’m thinking I could decide where I wanted to finish my night.
I could make a hot tea, hang out listening to my mean girl go crazy and feel 100% worse or I could pivot.

I decided to pivot. How? Why?

Because I have spent years doing the personal work required to recognise what my inner mean girl looks like, feels like and how to ‘manage’ her. Does that mean I’m immune to her tricks – clearly not.

Like Denise Duffield Thomas says: New level, old devil.

At every stage of growth, whether that growth be in mum life, business, physical health, financial stability, emotional wellbeing it doesn’t matter which, your old limiting beliefs will visit. They’ll show up in new, more creative ways to challenge you into continuing on a new path or backtracking into old habits. The choice is yours.

So now onto the how?
I know the limiting beliefs will visit so I get to decide;

How I want them to impact me.
How I can shift them.
How I want to feel instead.

You see, I have a toolkit.
I know what works for me, I know what doesn’t and I know there is always more to learn.

Here’s what I did;

1. I sat in silence and took some deep breaths. I was able to ground myself, slow my thoughts, slow my breathing and just be in the moment, gaining perspective.

2. Journalling is a daily practice for me but on days like this I double down. I take the opportunity to freely write what I’m feeling and why before I deep dive into where the feelings are coming from and how to disarm them.

3. Lean on my supportive community. I learned early on that surrounding yourself with the right support in a safe, nurturing environment is priceless. That might look like family, friends, coworkers, a mastermind, Facebook community, wherever you feel held.

4. I limit technology and get to sleep early to replenish physically.

There you have it my lovely friend.

Let this remind you, you are not alone. We all have those days, yours are different from mine and yet at the same time they are the same.

Regardless, know this; it’s normal and you are not failing.


Sending you love today,
Lins xx

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