Powerfully Potent

We spend 90 minutes together one-to-one to discuss your long term journey towards mastering your mindset and body confidence, dream and explore what you actually want, how to get it and map out strategies to grow the habits of your wellness practice.

This Call is for You if…

We have worked together in the past and now you need guidance to take the next step.

You are new to the LINSI DE PAOLI community and seeking advice, guidance and simple resources to move you forward towards achieving your body confidence goals.

You intuitively know you need to take powerful, aligned action towards achieving body confidence but don’t know where to begin.

Questions, so many questions! It’s been a desire of yours to create body confidence with a supportive, positive mindset but right now you have more questions than answers so instead you procrastinate. 

Uncertainty and fear are your friends. You have gone back and forth over working with a Body Confidence and Mindset Coach, curious yet fearful at the same time. 

What to Expect

  We go all in from the very first second. With 90 minutes to take action, we are powerfully potent in our approach to setting goals and the strategies that will see you achieve them.

  I ask you the thought provoking questions so we discover what you actually want and manage how you can achieve it and create the life you dream of.

  I keep you accountable and stretch you out of your comfort zone so the growth you want to experience but have been procrastinating on actually happens.

  We clearly break down what your next steps will look like so that taking action with confidence and motivation is easy.

  90 minutes solely focused on you and achieving what you desire!

Your 90 Minute Strategy Call Includes

  A questionnaire for you to complete before our session, which will unpack exactly what you want to work on.

  1 x 90 minute session via phone or zoom (whatever you prefer).

  Unlimited Email and Voxer support for two weeks following our session.  

  A final email from me with personalised recommendations and any resources that might help you move forward.

Your Investment​ 

One payment of $299 AUD 

Taking action and being held accountable is how powerful change happens. I’m ready to support you through this journey of discovery so that body confidence and a supportive, positive mindset becomes your new normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have never worked with a coach before?

This 90 minute container would be a perfect opportunity to dip your toe in the water. A short insight into what coaching could look like for you.

What if I decide I want to pursue a 3 month coaching series after my 90 minute strategy call?

You absolutely can! This happens and is a completely natural next step in your journey toward powerful body confidence.

Do I get any ongoing support after the call?

Yes. Two weeks of email and voxer support is provided after our 90 minute strategy session, This provides an opportunity for you to ask task related questions or chat through future actions required to achieve your goals.

I don’t have any goals set, but want to book a strategy call. Is this a problem?

No problem at all. The pre coaching questionnaire will give you an opportunity to share anything relevant and if needed our call will focus on setting those goals.

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