When you think of the character traits we want our children to have what comes to mind for you?

🌙 Curiosity
🌙 Resilience
🌙 Integrity
🌙 Resourcefulness
🌙 Creativity
🌙 Empathy
🌙 Assertiveness
🌙 Free spirit  

Let me give you some backstory here so it starts to make a little more sense.

My son started preschool this year and yesterday I was able to go and do lunch duty with his class. I LOVED being able to see him in his new environment now we have found our rhythm and the initial shock of going has worn off for him (and me!).

Side note; funniest half hour of my life sharing a meal with 20 plus 3 year olds – highly recommend it!

What I witnessed was a bunch of little people who are only 5 weeks into knowing one another laughing – sometimes uncontrollably, dancing freely anytime they had the urge (with or without music), helping a buddy navigate the little daily tasks we take for granted and just generally creating a fun and innocent environment – with the odd tantrum or two #preschoollife.

How often does an interaction with a child result in a positive mood shift, improved outlook or simple smile for you?

Aside from the joy this 30 minutes gifted me it also got me thinking at a deeper level about the traits we want to teach and see flourish in our children as they grow and mature. Traits that as adults we often either don’t practice at all or don’t practice consistently enough to experience real lasting, positive change.

And when I say practice I mean with ourselves.

Let’s for a minute forget about the external factors we can’t control like other people and the outside world.

So in a space of full transparency let’s take a closer look right now. When was the last time you;

+ Allowed your curiosity to flow. When we’re learning we’re growing, how often do you question if the choices you are making and actions you’re taking are fully aligned with where you want to be in life?

+ Was lovingly assertive when limiting beliefs arose so that confidence and self acceptance could shine.

+ Leaned into your inner creative – however that looks for you – without fear, judgement or self doubt so positive energy can become a regular undercurrent in your day to day life.

+ With a resourceful mindset you are driven to find a way to get what you want most. Creating a life you are passionate about requires you to generate new ideas and visualise the possible ways to achieve it. Are you resourceful?

These are four I randomly picked but what if we were able to get clarity on every trait we valued and knew was going to uplevel us.

And then what if we authentically practiced it until it became our new normal? How different our life could look and feel if we started tapping into our inner child.

The irony in this, is that by revisiting the traits of your inner child you feel drawn to, you are going to show up and ‘adult’ in a whole different energy, mindset & demeanor!

So, want to make a small, simple yet positive shift in your life today?

(who doesn’t, right?!)

If right in this moment you were able to align with three traits you knew you weren’t practicing right now but were going to serve you in getting closer to your goals and allow you to live with more ease and flow – what would they be?

Paying attention to the small wins, celebrate EVERYTHING, see the positive first, slow down, dance, ask questions ….

It seems so easy, and it is! Take action or allow fear to hold you in old habits? Your choice.

Here’s what I know…

👉 I know sometimes we convince ourselves it’s easier to stay in old habits even when we know they aren’t serving us.
👉 I know fear can have the ability to keep us playing small and we tell ourselves external factors are why we haven’t quite reached where we want to be.
👉 I know that uplevelling is uncomfortable but a necessary step in the journey to change.
👉 I know the energy you put in is always worth it and taking action is better than staying the same.
👉 I also know that sometimes the goal changes but the underlying habits and beliefs will still push you forward or hold you still.

So today take a minute to tap into your inner child. Start small it doesn’t need to be all the changes at once, be honest in your approach, fully transparent and enjoy the journey.


Linsi xo

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