Understanding these 7 words will GROW. YOUR. CONFIDENCE.

Tell me how this lands for you:

“Today I want you to anchor into aligned energy and from a space of total acceptance reframe any limiting beliefs you have playing out in your subconscious”

Make any sense to you?

I mean before you Google it.
(We were all thinking about doing it)

No? Maybe you picked up a general idea but not really?

Here’s why;

  1. You’re new to the personal development space. Understandably you probably don’t have a full grasp of all the jargon, which if we’re being honest makes it pretty hard to keep motivation or take any action. #overwhelmedmama


  1. You probably have a cute little human telling you about their toy of choice and how they need you to play with them right now #distraction. In my case it’s my 3 year old singing frozen like she’s auditioning for The Voice.

Either way it’s hard to take in the deep, heavy content that’s going to move you forward, am I right?

Well my friend, don’t be disheartened feeling like you need to be an amazing spirit junkie to create some self-love and acceptance in your life. Let’s not over complicate it.

You absolutely can overcome burnout, overwhelm and feeling like you’re not enough at times.

It all starts with some foundational understanding.

You see, I’m all about the long term confidence & self-love game and to see lasting results we need to lay solid foundations first.

Grab a coffee and get comfy, girlfriend. We’re about to gain a deeper understanding of 7 words that are going to give you the confidence to keep going on your journey of self-discovery and freedom.

  1. Anchors – something that keeps us grounded and connected to what matters most. Eg I have a mug with a specific affirmation on it to anchor me into my biz goals. I attach certain feelings to what the affirmations symbolize to me.
  2. Limiting Beliefs – beliefs you hold about yourself based on past experiences, relationships etc that prevent you achieving your goals. In most instances, we often believe that they are keeping us safe.
  3. Triggers – something/someone that causes a negative feeling or response. Eg my son was a very unwell premature baby and after he grew into being healthy for the longest time I was triggered anytime I had to leave him.
  4. Negative Self Talk – that inner dialogue you have with yourself that may be limiting your ability to believe in yourself, and to reach your full potential
  5. Alignment – when our thoughts, life-choices, and direction all honour our core values. When you make a choice to live in alignment, you remove all distraction, expectation and noise and instead live in a state of personal flow.
  6. Intuition – also referred to as gut instinct, sixth sense or instinct. It’s your ability to know something without reason.
  7. Affirmations – positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When used correctly, affirmations are a powerful tool to create positive change within yourself.

There you have it!

7 common terms in the personal development world that you can confidently say you understand now.

One more thing …

I see you mama. Being everything to everyone, rarely seen or heard for the things that you want, that light you up, that give you time for yourself, that make you sparkle with a newfound energy.

I get it. Raising a (or many) human is gloriously, beautifully, gratefully hard and energy draining. You are responsible for juggling kids, career, relationships and more and some days it feels really fulfilling and some days it feels simply hard.

Having a community of women that “get it” is SO important. They say it takes a community to raise children, I believe it takes a community to support the mama raising those babies. It starts here, with a little action.

Share with me. Reach out and say hi or share which of these 7 words had you hung up the most?

I read every email and will happily respond personally.

Sending you love today,
Lins xx

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