When there is the possibility of uplevelling and really going all in on what I want to achieve, there have been different times in life where I have allowed limiting beliefs to filter through my conscious thoughts. There have been times where fear of change and vulnerability threatened to hold me right where I am – not pursuing my dreams and just generally being stuck in a holding pattern of “will I or wont I”.

In 2018 when I decided it was time to shift into the online world I immediately thought;

“Can I even do it?”
“Do I know enough?”
“What will people say?”
“Should I wait another year or two?”
“I’m not a technology wizz – how am I going to get this dream off my notebook?”
“Does anyone really care what I have to say?”
“Sharing my story is nothing anyone will want to read”

Was any of it true – NO!
Does it sound silly saying it out loud – ABSOLUTELY!
Did I continue to allow those thoughts to take hold – YES!

Because even though I kind of knew in my gut none of it was worth listening to (and my husband’s blank expression supported that theory) when we are making a change, shifting out of our comfort zone or uplevelling – those little thoughts creep in and snowball forcing us into a decision; do I take the leap and deal with it or do I stay here where I’m safe and nothing can touch me?

Decisions, decisions … gotta love adulting!

The reality is we know that these thoughts don’t just come up when setting up a new business – it’s just my story – but what’s yours?

Seeking a promotion, entering motherhood, becoming a wife, joining a gym for the first time, leaving home, moving home, study, graduating, first date, ending a relationship, changing career …. And we’re just starting to skim the surface here!

So obviously I started the business, but from overcoming those fears and the personal development work I do, here’s what I know to be true.

With any type of growth comes discomfort, the feeling of being stretched, vulnerability, an uneasiness in the pit of your stomach or the need to shy away. Like everything in life, it will show up in a different form for everyone.

When was the last time you procrastinated about taking that next step? Took longer than the norm to answer yes/no? Experienced physical symptoms at the thought of making a decision?

That’s right, I see you and I have been there too.

So how do we change it? Is it in our control? What are our tools of choice?

First we start by normalising it.

My clients hear this a lot!

When we think we are on our own it amplifies our discomfort and as a result we lean further into it – not in a good way. Lift the weight off your shoulders and take a look around you, every person you pass, look up to or interact with has experienced the fear of uplevelling.

BUT if you are committed to reaching your goals, learn to wear the discomfort like you would a favourite piece of clothing because it’s all part of the journey and the people that keep moving are the ones that reach the destination.

NOW we reframe.

Take the limiting beliefs and reframe them to support you moving into the next version of yourself. Something like;

“Can I even do it?” …… “I know I can do XYZ and this will support me moving forward to…”
“Do I know enough?” ….. “I have knowledge and life experience to support this new venture”
“What will people say?” ….. “I am surrounded by supportive people”
“Should I wait another year or two?” …… “More time wont change what I need to share now”
“I’m not a technology wizz – how am I going to get this dream off my notebook?” ….. “ I am lucky enough to be able to access support when I need it”
“Does anyone really care what I have to say?” …. “The people I need to influence in a positive way will connect with me”
“Sharing my story is nothing anyone will want to read” ….. “I am sharing with the world”

So next time you are thinking all the self sabotaging thoughts and allowing limiting beliefs space to grow remember that when you are up levelling and moving towards that next positive step, discomfort and vulnerability are completely normal, lean into it, reframe what’s not serving you and keep moving forward by taking consistent action.

All the love to you, Lins xo

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