This is a journey that will inspire you towards growing expansive self love and amplified body confidence, alongside an aligned mindset to become the empowered woman you desire to be.

Welcome My Friend,

“Happy you’re here” would be an understatement. I am so grateful and excited you found yourself to be in my online space.

I know that right now you feel;

  Trapped by feelings of “not good enough”, insecurity and discomfort in your own skin.

  The morning routine (particularly standing in front of a mirror) is an internal battle you would rather avoid.

  You’ve likely lost your spark and zest for life that allowed you to shine from within.

  Exhausted and run down at the recurring routine of showing up for everyone else.

  Energetically depleted but overwhelmed and unsure of how to refill your energy cup.

  Logically you know the scroll through social media is going to make you feel more insecure but you do it anyway to quiet the noise that is “life”. Thoughts of “Why does she have a perfect body?” “How can I look like that?” “What is she doing that I’m not!?” start to show themselves more and more frequently.

Does any of this sound like your reality right now?

Let’s pause and before we move any further, I’ll introduce myself!

I’m Linsi De Paoli, Body Confidence and Mindset coach for heart centered women who want to redefine what your relationship with you looks like so you can;

  Develop incredible, lasting body confidence

  Create consistent self love

  Enhance your daily well-being

  Nourish you to shine from within through regular self care

  Forge a mindset that supports and aligns with the woman you actually want to be

During my 3-month 1:1 private coaching series, I work with you to generate clarity and help you establish heart driven, feelings based goals and a mindset that is truly and powerfully aligned with the confident, powerhouse you are becoming.

And I said to my body softly, “I want to be your friend.”
It took a long breath and replied “I have been waiting my whole life for this.”

Nayyirah Waheed

Within my 3 month coaching container you have the ability to experience a unique, individualised journey, including;

  Delving into the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and unable to fully experience body confidence and self love.

  The ability to share the vision and desire around the woman you want to become – possibly voicing aloud for the first time, before we establish powerful actions and goals that motivate you into taking inspired action.

  Reigniting your passion and reconnecting with your inner spark.

  Creating awareness that body confidence is not linked to the “perfect body”.

  Releasing unrealistic ideals and expectations you have placed on yourself in body and mind

  Mindset shifts so you are creating boundaries and control around the life you want to live, protecting your energy as you do.

  The evolution of a deeply replenishing wellness and self care routine that meets you where you are at right now and compliments your unique lifestyle.

  Tools to nurture a mindset that is supportive of you stepping into your power and expanding beyond what you thought possible.

  Insider tips on how to keep you focused and taking action daily so you can achieve your goals

  Support while you become the CEO of your life so showing up authentically aligned with who you desire to be is your normal.

Why Work with Me?

  As a personal trainer for over 15 years I have been witnessing and facilitating women’s transformations on a physical and emotional level for a long time.

  From one busy female to another, I GET IT. We are high-achieving, heart centered, nurturing humans that find the balance of life difficult to master. I’m also here to tell you that my current clients and I are proof it’s achievable.

  As a fully-booked personal trainer my first priority has always been to facilitate a shift into body confidence and self love before physical changes begin.

  I am a qualified Beautiful You Life Coach and know how to bring you home to yourself.

  Giving my clients the long term practical tools they need to create body confidence, self love and a positive mindset has always been my coaching style. What does that mean? I teach you how to move into long term independence in your personal development journey.

  My commitment to meeting clients where they are at and understanding how each piece of their personal development puzzle fits into their life right now is a balance I prioritise to prevent overwhelm.

Our Series Includes

  A detailed questionnaire that asks thought-provoking and powerful questions about you that will direct our coaching series together and allows me to start making strategic recommendations from our very first call together.

  6 x 60 minute Zoom or phone sessions, fortnightly over 3 months where we discuss strategies, action plans and the next steps to keep you moving between sessions.

  Unlimited Voxer (voice memo) support between sessions to share wins and ask questions to propel you forward.

  Unlimited email support during our coaching series.

  The safe space, support and guidance you’ve been looking for.

  Worksheets, resources and personalised tools that are lovingly selected to meet your individual needs.

My intuitive coaching style includes a loving mixture of practical strategies and tools that are going to move you toward achieving your goals and becoming the woman you desire to be. You will learn mindset techniques to overcome barriers and personal blocks that might be holding you back. With my help achieving body confidence and creating a positive mindset will feel like a safe, expansive and positive journey to inner peace and fulfillment.

Your Investment

$1,297 AUD (paid in full) OR 3 monthly instalments of $497 AUD. 

This price is all-inclusive.

Before working with Linsi I was completely exhausted and overwhelmed with life. This coaching has transformed my way of thinking in the most incredible and positive way!! It has taught me so much about myself and shifted my mindset completely! Linsi has helped me on so much more than just weight loss BUT seeing numbers on the scales go down was definitely an added bonus! I can’t thank you enough for helping me change my life in a sustainable, kind and loving way.

Thank you Linsi for an amazing 6 weeks of self discovery and personal development! I found the Wellness Awakening program to be very thought provoking. It helped me gain great insight into where my damaging thought processes originated from and how to address them and work to move away from them to replace them with more positive and self nurturing thoughts that will help me work towards and ultimately reach my goals. The modules were easy to follow and delivered in a manageable timeframe. I especially love how I can revisit them as many times as I wish, for as long as I like into the future, in order to help me to reinforce all the amazing advice that is delivered in them.

Working with Linsi has made such a positive impact on my life. She knows my strengths, weaknesses and what I am capable of. I love the focus I have after a session; I feel so satisfied, happy and motivated.

Thank you Linsi! As you know I have struggled with negative self talk and confidence issues for a long time. I have to say that this coaching series has undoubtedly been the best thing I have committed to for my overall health and mental well-being. Your gentle approach to working towards a balanced mind and body was amazing yet still challenging enough to create change. The number on the scale no longer rules my mood for the day and for that I am forever grateful xxx

Linsi has helped me recognise the importance of prioritising myself and developing a regular self-care routine. I have learnt that it is okay to allow myself to say no without guilt. Being able to accept myself as a work in progress means I am now kinder to myself and this helps with my relationships with others. I never knew using meditation and journaling could improve my mindset and help me identify and reframe negative thoughts in order to move past them. My biggest takeaway from working with Linsi is I now allow myself to follow my passion.

To work with an inspiring person like Linsi made my coaching journey so wonderful. My life has changed for the better in so many beautiful, inspiring, positive ways. Feeling I love myself, having time for self-care, more love to give to my family and friends. I have developed the skills to journal or meditate when stressed and that stressful situations arise in life, most times unexpected but I’ve learnt to think in a positive way or have a different approach to the situation. Linsi really helped me understand how important self-care is for long term body confidence. Linsi you are so inspiring, caring, loving, listening, calm and beautiful. Thank you so much Love & Light xxx

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