Hey my friend, are you tired?

Whoa mama do I.GET.IT!
I’m right there with you.

Not to trigger, but the overwhelm and fatigue you feel juggling all the things is a lot to handle right?

The sleepless nights, the business, the job, the study, the adult relationships, the household, the little people relying on you to eat, dress, sleep and do life, the school drop offs and pickups, the tears, tantrums and overload, the teenage angst, transitions into adulthood, friendships… I see you in all of it and the feelings it stirs.

We have an amazing ability to dance in burnout, overwhelm, insecurity and not being seen or heard for you and also joy, love to bursting and gratitude.

Motherhood is the most beautiful gift with soooo much happening and it all centres on a mama keeping everyone and everything balanced and working cohesively.

Before I dive into how we can better nurture ourselves let me take a minute to give us ALL a shout out. Even as I’m writing this, I get a happy tear forming at the reality that is life as a woman and life as a mama.

We are so capable, powerful, motivated, driven, nurturing, loving beings and even on the days where we feel like it’s heavy and we’re not enough WE TOTALLY ARE. Let’s always remember to celebrate ourselves, celebrate each other and celebrate the gift that is the juggle of being a woman and being a mum.

Phew, so on to you!

Have you well and truly slipped to the bottom of your life “pile”? Is there a considerable amount of overwhelm weighing on your shoulders and it feels heavy.

Is there a narrative playing out that tells you it’s normal, everyone does it, it’s a life season, it won’t last forever, this is just what it is right now?

Lean in, I’m going to share something with you;

Yes mum life is busy, yes it can be loud, yes we often don’t come in first on the priority of self list BUT overwhelm, lack of motivation, irritability, feeling isolated, emotional heaviness, feeling like you’re stuck in the messy middle does not need to be your long term normal.

Think about what that means for you.

Let’s chat through a few life hacks that are going to get the ball rolling a little more evenly in your household because it’s true what they say – when mum’s happy everyone’s happy!

💫 I talk about this A LOT – awareness!!!

Start tuning in. Pay attention when the overwhelm settles in.

Generally I know from personal experience I get a physical response of uneasiness in the tummy or a tightness/heaviness in my head, neck and shoulders. Pay attention to the messages your body is sending you because the physical response comes first.

There are also situations that trigger us more than others so start to look for the signs.

💫 How much restful sleep are you actually getting?

If the first hour of being in bed is spent going over tomorrow’s to-do list and what transpired today and how you could have done it better – it’s not restful sleep.

Cut down on the technology before bed, set a regular bedtime and practice mindfulness – even if it’s 5 minutes of deep breathing to nurture the nervous system.

💫 Look at the bigger picture because there is a whole ripple effect to self-love and confidence.

Nourishing your body with good food and movement will give you the positive ground work that flows into better choices, clarity and a positive mindset.

💫 One last thing my friend, talk it out…

Find or create your tribe and bring the conversation to your support network. We, as humans, are wired for connection.

Surround yourself with connections that allow you to be seen, heard, valued and held – especially in times of vulnerability.

I would LOVE to hear how this lands for you. Share with me. Reach out to say hi or tell me which life hack you are leaning on the most. I read every email and will happily respond personally.

Sending you love today,
Lins xx


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