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Hey there, I’m so glad you stopped by!

I sense that you’re searching for something, perhaps looking for change – you may not know what that is right now (don’t worry, I’ll help you with the details) and if we’re honest it’s more like a feeling of what could be, or an inner knowing you no longer want to stay locked in the space you’re in.

Perhaps you are…

  Struggling to manage insecurity, lacking self confidence and more often than you would like to admit feel unworthy and uncomfortable in your own skin.

  Very aware that you have lost your spark and with it an ability to shine from the inside out.

  Lovingly focused on showing up and being present for everyone around you externally, but internally you feel exhausted, run down, overwhelmed and flat.

  Doubting your ability to even take the first step towards achieving lasting body confidence, a powerful mindset and a long term wellness practice you love.

  Hearing your inner critic tell you it’s too hard to take time for yourself, you won’t be able to love your body ever again, what will people say if you start prioritising you.

  Feeling held in a space you would rather not be in for fear of failing, being judged or ultimately not being able to show up for yourself. Better to avoid than be disappointed.

To that I say a big, loving welcome!

Right now you are likely thinking that the feelings of overwhelm, lack of confidence and zero self love, the limiting stories and self doubt you hear from the mean girl camped out inside your head, fears that prevent you from moving forward, the expectations… all of it is just you.

It’s not!

I and the women I work with have all been exactly where you are. I have learned from my experiences and now I teach women just like you that body confidence is achievable, self love can be easy and with the mindset to support both, you can create a wellness practice that fits your busy lifestyle that will be a total gamechanger.

I’m Linsi, Body Confidence and Mindset Coach.

I work with heart centered women who want to develop incredible body confidence, self love and create a powerfully supportive mindset.

I’m also a Nurturer, Mentor, Brick-and-Mortar Business Owner, Wife and Mummy-of-Two inquisitive, busy and divine toddlers. 

Like so many women (including you, beauty) I wear lots of different hats and fill my time and energy fully committed to showing up and holding space for others – family, friends, co-workers and clients.

For the past 15 years, I’ve been working as a personal trainer (and for the last 9 years – as a gym owner too!).


My reasons for becoming a personal trainer mostly centered around helping women discover incredible body confidence and a much deeper understanding of what their body was capable of achieving. With the ripple effect being the extra benefits of…

  Developing unwavering self love

  Creating a powerful and supportive mindset

  Building nourishing personal wellness and self care practices they love waking up to

  Unlocking their energy and zest for life

These thousands of hours of experience have taught me when it comes to a long term healthy lifestyle, confidence, fulfillment and happiness… it’s always an inside job.

To lose weight, keep it off, and even *enjoy* the process or build fitness and improved strength involves changing your MIND, not just your body. To like (and even love!) your body has little to do with dropping a few dress sizes or being able to try on clothes in the change room without cringing at your reflection…

Instead, feeling confident and healthy, day in day out, in every season of life, year after year is built upon a solid foundation of: 

  Practical tools to overcome limiting beliefs 

  Daily self-care practices that work for you (despite thinking you’re too busy for self-care) 

  A healthy, self-loving mindset that keeps you feeling aligned, focused, resilient, and present, regardless of what life throws your way

I learnt the power of mindset first-hand in 2016…

I was 15 weeks into my first pregnancy when my waters broke. We were told that because amniotic fluid plays such a vital role in our baby’s lung development, the odds were stacked against us: we would likely lose our baby.

With three different specialists telling us to terminate the pregnancy, who were we to question those odds? Without precious, life-building amniotic fluid, it would be near impossible for our baby to reach the level of growth he needed to survive labour – and if he fell into the less than 10% survival rate of birth – he would likely pass away shortly after.

Despite the odds we made the decision to continue with the pregnancy… 

(If you’re leaning into your laptop right now… it’s ok! This story has a happy ending.)

At 24 weeks I was admitted back to hospital – for the sake of my baby’s health and my own, I would be spending the rest of my pregnancy here (a 6-hour drive from home). I ended up spending six weeks in a hospital bed, filling my days reading books like “The Secret”, “Who Says You Can’t? You Do” by Daniel Chidiac and Gabby Bernstein’s “Add More ING to Your Life” to strengthen my mindset.

I covered my hospital room walls in ultrasound pictures and remained adamant that I would make it to 34 weeks (which was unheard of given how early on my waters broke). But at 30 weeks, it was time… our beautiful baby boy wanted to meet us earthside!

As soon as he was born he was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) by an amazing team of doctors and nurses. It was dire straits and (if you can believe it) he was given a 4% chance of survival.

He spent a total of 9 weeks in the NICU before my husband and I were finally able to take baby Jordyn home with us.

So, finally, after a long 4-month stay in hospital, I returned home that day with our healthy, happy miracle baby, ready to start the journey of life as a family of 3 together..

‘Miracle’ really is the word we use to describe our boy…according to our doctor’s there’s no clear explanation as to why our son is here today.

The whole experience imparted a pretty important lesson on me:

There’s nothing fluffy or wishy-washy about mindset and personal development.

“It was the mindset tools and techniques I studied and used throughout my pregnancy that equipped me to cope with the experience”

It was NOT because I’m some sort of ‘superhuman’!

And no, I was NOT calm throughout the whole experience.

But I can also say that I felt a true sense of peace with whatever was to unfold.

And I know it was developing my mindset that gave me the strength to get to where I am now.

That’s why I believe so strongly in how much your mindset impacts your life.

You might be thinking there’s a big difference between our miracle baby and your journey to feeling more confident and healthy than ever before… but!

All of it requires the same intention, tools and practices to create that lasting feeling of self-belief and self-power to truly thrive!

Your mindset is constantly running in the background, whether you’re conscious of it or not.

It’s the lens you view your whole world through, and it colours everything you experience.

It directly influences how you handle situations (like work, kids, family, friends… you know… life!) especially the ones that feel like they’re beyond your control.

If you’d like to know more about how I can support you to develop the mindset and self-care practices to build the confidence and lifestyle you’re truly searching for you can book a complimentary consult with me to discover just how powerful a coaching series is.

Phew! Now on a lighter note… here are some fun facts you might like to know about me!

  I have crystals in every room in my house.

  My Kindle is a sacred device in my house that nobody can touch… my son Jordyn happily backs me up on this telling his sister – ‘No, no, Blakey… don’t touch Mummy’s Kindle!’

  I love the beach but rarely go in the water – which my husband still finds hilarious!

  A ‘perfect’ 2-hour chunk of time to myself would be spent getting some sort of spa treatment, followed by sitting at a cafe, people watching, listening to a podcast.

I used to think I was an extroverted introvert… but now I wonder if I’m actually an introverted extrovert.

If you’ve made it this far, there’s a good chance we’d be a great fit so why not book a complimentary consult and get started today!

Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we are supposed to be and embracing who we are.

Brene Brown

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